Our history


MA Création Écolo is a company founded by two friends with many things in common: creative, dynamic, full of energy and proud mothers of four children each, new projects and challenges are their main fuel. Passionate about essential oils and natural body products, and united by their environmental awareness, the girls behind MA Création Écolo offer products developed and designed with our beautiful planet in mind!

Our mission ?

Allow our customers to benefit from the results of all our research, our trials and our errors, and offer them well-being products that are better for their health and developed with great care and passion! The choice of each ingredient has been studied and tested numerous times in order to offer our customers effective products that meet their needs and are gentle on the planet. We sincerely believe that every gesture counts and the mission of MA Création Écolo is to offer our customers, whom we like to get to know, attractive and personalized products in order to promote their well-being while respecting nature.

We are moving (very strongly) towards zero waste!

We prefer to say that we are moving very strongly towards zero waste, rather than saying that we are zero waste, because we know that no one is perfect and it is without judgment that we encourage our customers, our friends and our family to make more ecological choices by offering them an option for purchasing their well-being products.

What do we actually do?

During all stages of manufacturing, from ordering raw materials to delivery of finished products, everything is considered and designed according to our environmental impact. Reducing waste, buying local and reusing materials are part of our daily goals and are taken into account when creating each of our products. Being keen to use recycled containers or fabrics as much as possible, it is not uncommon for us to appeal to everyone to collect from citizens various containers that would otherwise be destined to the trash or recycling. We then make two stones at once because we reuse materials, we create unique products and we meet great people!

We love the world!

Our commitment to our customers is to take care of them, respect them and pamper them by making non-toxic and natural products for them, and we also offer a personalized service! Always with the aim of helping our customers feel good in their bodies and helping them achieve their waste reduction objectives, we remain attentive. Our customers are our priority and we are committed to providing them with high quality, transparent and honest service.

Welcome to the wonderful world of MA Création Écolo and we look forward to pampering you!

Cynt and Mary